About Pranayama

Pranayama is a contraction of two words, nl Prana en Yama. Prana means breath and Yama means control, thus control of the breath.

Within Yoga, Pranayama is a term used in the following context: to be or become concious of your breath and control of your breath. Breathing is living, it is physically one of our bodies most essential functions. As a fact, 30% of our energy intake is derived from oxygen and 70% from food. A common translation for Prana is life force, (life)energy.

Pranayama is one of the eight limbs, principles within Yoga and has as main purpose a well controlled regulation of the breath. according to Yoga philosophy, a wel regulated breath enhances the oxygen intake in the blood en brains systems and has a positive impact on your Prana. By adding Pranayama excercises to your daily Yoga practice or routine, you can influence the energy flow within your body and regulate your breath.

Pranayama (breath) and asana practice (postures), which is the second limb within Yoga is a great combination. Combined, these two limbs can be seen as the highest form of purification en self-discipline for mind and body.