Weekend Yoga ReTreat Domburg

24-26 Sept '21 | Yoga Bee Domburg

Enjoy this Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Retreat in the South of Holland at the sea side! Get away from the daily life and immerse yourself in yoga practice – re-balance, recharge and reconnect with your body, your breath and true self, in the middle of the stillness of pure nature.

In the mornings we will start to open up the day with Pranayama (Breath work) and Led Class Ashtanga Yoga. In the afternoons we will delve into the History and Key elements of Ashtanga Yoga (Ujjayi, Bandhas and Drishti), Explore asanas in details and/or Restorative and Pranayama.

This retreat is suitable for all levels. It will help deepen and enrich understanding of this dynamic style of yoga and life-changing practice. Teachings are in Dutch and/ or English.

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